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Why Moab Mountain Bike Instruction?

Most people know how to ride a bike. What many great riders will tell you is there is much more to mountain biking than simply riding a bike.

Sure, you can have fun on your mountain bike without a lot of skills, but imagine having more fun as you develop skills like front wheel lifts, ascending tight switchbacks, wheelie drops, and cornering at high speed. Our goal is to help you have more fun on your mountain bike.

Moab Mountain Bike Instruction is located in one of the most challenging places to ride in the United States. We offer skills instruction specific to riding trails like the Slickrock Trail and Porcupine Rim. The skills you learn with us can be applied to riding anywhere.

The staff consists of experienced male and female riders. We cater to individuals so we can accommodate beginner to advanced riders. Join us for a camp or let us create a custom learning experience for you with private instruction.

Want to demo a new bike? Don’t want to fly with your bike? No problem – With four excellent bike shops, Moab has several options of high quality demo bikes available for you to rent.