Sylvi White I was initially attracted to mountain biking for the fun, but my real addiction was born when I realized the sport has no plateau. There is always a challenge, seducing me to improve. I quickly found my passion for instruction, and am grateful for coaching as a way to give back to the sport. Few things are more rewarding than watching that explosion of joy erupt from the person I just helped master a new skill.

Wendy Palmer Pro downhill racer and fun haver. Wendy is an enthusiastic rider with a passion for teaching. She has been racing professionally for 8 years. Wendy specializes in technical riding, cornering, and drops. She can bring your riding to the next level!

Aron Smith likes to go fast. He has been skiing since he could walk. Aron has taken the flow he found on skis and applied it to a mountain bike. He also enjoys fishing, rock climbing, and riding his dirt bike.

Tyson Swasey grew up in Moab. He has an ease in his instruction that will both challenge & encourage you. If you are already a skilled rider and want to take your riding to the next level, Tyson can help you get there!

Amy Wantulok Former pro-elite cross-country racer, state title tennis champion, and bike industry retail manager. Certified Personal Trainer, certified professional mountain bike instructor, competitive hockey player, and mountain bike trail advocate. Amy is also a master wheelie and track-stand artist.

Connie Misket learned to mountain bike at age 26 and has been in love with the sport ever since. She started racing downhill in 2003, and joined the Vela Bella Pro Women's Gravity Team in 2008. She loves all kinds of riding and you can find her riding one of the many different styles of bikes she owns most days of the week - downhill, single-speed, dirt or road bike. Connie is a certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructor.

Angela Houghton has been in love with bikes since her dad taught her to ride a rusty blue bike with a banana seat. Although she enjoys other sports, mountain biking is the only sport she has stayed committed to over the years. She is a certified professional mountain bike instructor, and was the original founder of Moab Mountain Bike Instruction. Angela also recently opened a fantastic new yoga studio, Moab Yoga. Drop in for a yoga class while you're in town! Moab Yoga